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A Welcome!

Welcome to the Oregon Trail Winnie & Itasca (OTWI) Website:

This website’s mission is to highlight activities and share news regarding the Oregon State Winnebago-Itasca Travelers Club (WIT) and the active Local OTWI Chapters throughout Oregon.   If you wander across this website as your surfing the web and you’re an RV enthusiast, and own a Winnebago or Itasca coach or towable, we’d love to have you join our travel club.


For more information on OTWI and its local Oregon Chapters, please click above on “About OTWI” tab on the Black Horizontal Navigation Bar.  To see what’s going on in the Local Chapters,  click on  the “Oregon Chapters” tab, also on the Black Horizontal Navigation Bar, and browse through any of our five  Local Chapter’s news, activities, and upcoming camp-outs.

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  1. jim elliott

    great web page keep up the good work jim elliott &barb king

    1. Marianne

      Thanks so much; I appreciate it! Hopefully it will become a great way to share information for all our members.

  2. Gene & Doris Hammond

    Beautiful! Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. Marianne

      Gene & Doris– thanks for checking out our website! Let me know if there are things you’d like me to add to make it better!

  3. Hope Campbell

    Jim and I are really looking forward to attending the Oregon state rally. We’ve been before and had such a good time, we decided we wanted to return. See you in September.
    Hope Campbell, Lone Cypress Winnitascans, San Jose, California

  4. Marianne

    Hope, so glad you’ll be able to join us. It should be a great event. Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Marianne – where is the link to the photos from the state rally?

    1. Marianne

      State Rally Photo link: go to the home page by clicking “home” on the top Black Horizontal Navigation Bar. There you will see postings by date (date is in top left hand side). Scroll down to the posting from October 3, 2012, and you will see a post regarding the Rally photos. Click on the BLUE link at the bottom of the post and it will immediately take you to the photo album. Send me another comment or email me if you need further help. Enjoy the photos!!

  6. Bob Berkowitz

    We are new to RVing, as I just purchased a 31′ 1988 Itasca to see if I like it. We live in Crescent City, California. Is it possible for us to join an Oregon club?

    1. Marianne

      Hi Bob,
      Absolutely; we would love to have you join one of our Oregon Chapters. I took the liberty of passing your name and email onto our State President. He would be a great person to talk to since he has first hand knowledge on all of the Oregon Chapters, and which ones might be a good fit for you. I’m the Web Master and live in Portland and belong to a chapter here; Our State President lives in Medford, which is much closer to the California border, so he’d be a great reference for you. Here is his contact information:
      Bob Schlapfer, OTWI President

      Thanks for contacting us.

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